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Grade 5/6

5/6 Students are participating in Interchool Sports in Term 2. To see the fixture click here.

Being in grade 5/6 is an exciting time in a child’s life. It is a time where friendships can be made that continue into adulthood and a time of putting new learning, knowledge and skills into action. Students at MPPS work towards becoming well-rounded, responsible young people who are independent and cooperative learners, and are well-equipped to transition to year 7.

reading in library 1 webLiteracy

In order to be able to contribute to our society children need to be truly literate. This requires them to listen to others, speak in a confident and engaging way, write with a clear purpose and read with understanding.  Through sequential teaching and learning, based on Victorian Curriculum, students build these skills and have authentic opportunities to practise them.


In order to understand their world better, whether it be spending money, measurement, budgeting or counting, students’ apply their numeracy (maths) skills. Students develop their mathematical thinking, knowledge and skills through teachers designing lessons that targets each learner’s need. Some topics include: number & algebra; measurement and geometry; and statistics and probability. Students work independently and in small groups where they apply strategies while solving real-life situations.

Information Communication Technologies (ICT)ICT 5_6

In our rapidly changing world, where students need to adapt to new technologies, it is essential that they have the opportunity to explore programs and different devices. At MPPS, students use a variety of devices and programs, such as Microsoft Office through to more complex coding and animation programs.  This is an exciting and ever changing aspect of our teaching, especially in the senior part of the school.

Science & Inquiry

Learning through science and inquiry topics, students have the opportunity to ask rich and meaningful questions. For many students it is an opportunity to explore topics that are raised in the media and have strong connections to their lives. The curriculum is structured within a 2-year cycle, ensuring that all relevant topics are covered from the Victorian Curriculum.